Booking Tree Work

Looking to book some tree work? Its as easy as calling an arborist, but there are a few things that can make sure your experience meets your expectations!

Here are your steps to smooth tree service.

  • Call an arborist or two (maybe someone a friend has had a good experience with, someone with good reviews on-line, or a company you’ve seen doing good work in your area)
  • Be clear about what you want, or ask questions to help with the decisions.
  • If there are a lot of items like patio furniture etc. under the tree it is a good idea to move them. (If a tree has clear access arborists don’t have to charge as much to work on it.)
  • Compare quotes, and go with the one that suits best, whether it is price, or level of service that is your priority.

Once booked there are a few small things you can do to make sure the job goes smoothly

Most companies give you a heads up of approximately when they will be there. They should let you know if they need anything on the day of, but usually only need clear access to the work area.

  • If the tree is in the back yard give them as much access as possible.
  • Cut your lawn short so that they can do a nice job raking all the twigs from their work
  • keep people and pets away from the work area!

Don’t know who to call? Call us! we are ready for more great customers, and look forward to meeting you!

Our phone number is 519-778-4788 (you’ll be talking to Quentin), or you can email us below.

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