How to water your tree right!

I’m sure we all agree that watering is important for newly planted trees. Where the trouble starts in in the “how”. Some ways are better than others.

  • Don’t keep the ground soaked all the time!
  • Don’t water sporadically
  • Don’t just water right at the stem, most of the water should actually be out closer to the drip line (where a rain drop would fall off the edge of the canopy)
  • Water deeply with long, slow application (like drip line)
  • Allow soil to return to nearly dry between watering, but not quite dry
  • Use mulch to help with moisture retention

You can use a garden trowel to dig down and see what the soil moisture is actually like a few inches down where it really matters. Though every tree and soil type is different a rule of thumb if the ground is actually dry is 10 gallons of water for every inch of the tree’s trunk diameter measured a couple feet off the ground. That’s a lot of water! This should dampen the soil within the trees “drip line” to at least 10 inches deep if applied properly.

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